1. Seasons

From the recording Seasons

The Seasons of a woman's life.


Spring she holds in her hands
Planting flowers in the sand
She grows
And while seabirds are calling
She casts her seeds on the shore
She knows it will be spring evermore
The seasons change
And her hands are washed
In the cool spring rain
The seasons change

Like a summer to spend
One you don't want to end
She knows
Her babies will come and go
She understands their need to grow
And the seasons change
In her arms are the red roses of pain

Golden leaves in the rain
Won't the spring come again
Have faith
When hearts are broken
They search for another way
We know they will heal one day
And the seasons change
Don't you see why they whither and blow away
The seasons change

Crystal snows drape the plains
All her time stowed away
She waits
Holding to patience
As if it were a rock on the shore
Won't drift out to sea anymore
The seasons change
In her hair are the silver and gray
The seasons change