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A hopeless crush.


Gentleman Friend

I dream of times
Times most likely not to come
We’ve crossed the finer lines
And consequence relents to love
In my dreams
Beautiful Sunlight Dreams
Love is shining all around
In my Dreams
I’m as free as the air

How is your heart this day
I always find such beauty there
You hide your pain away
Wish I could help you mend the tear
And know all
All of your sweetest moments
What will make you happy baby
Tell me all
All of your deepest longings

Ask your learned philosophers
Is it art is it pain or bliss
Right now the muse inside of me
Traces her finger across your lips
For a love as fine as this

The trees are still quite green here
You know how summer like to take its time
‘Soon I will leave here
And come into a better life
I will be
Beautiful Sunlight Be
Love is shining all around
I will be
As free as the air