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All The Time in the World Music and Lyric By
Sioux Robbins
Nothing’s changed here
Though I believe all good things will come in their own time
I been just a waitin
While away the days and starry nights
As if I had all the time in the world
As if I had all the time in the world

Foolish me I guess
You know I could wake from this dream at any time
Please don’t disturb me
Forgive me if I chase a fading light
What I’d give to hear your voice
What I’d give to see your smile

Playing like some old blues from so long ago
Bet you thought that I’d forgotten it by now
But like I said
Nothing’s changed here
Somedays it’s impossible to bury your dead

Dreams have come and gone
Sometimes precious words fall on closed minds
Be they not wasted
Maybe all they need is more time
Like me…
They’ve got all the time in the world
All the time in the world