Relax Girl Album Review

          Singer songwriter Sioux Robbins is better known as a model and commercial actor in the Philadelphia area.

And that’s probably why you haven’t heard of her. 

 Until now. 

           Her debut album Relax Girl is a seven song journey through R&B, Pop, and Latin. Old school songwriting reminiscent of the 70’s with a bright new polish. Produced by Derek Chafin of A.I.R records. She wrote the music and lyrics, except for the one cover song, sang all the vocals and played the pianos on this album. Her lyric writing is poetic and thought provoking, and the music is fresh and a bit nostalgic at the same time. Her vocals reveal a sound uniquely her own. 

           It starts out with the song As I Breathe, an ode to a love lost. Acoustic piano and synth open the song and then the band launches into a swaying, flowing latin rhythm. She purrs at times, soars into soprano territory and back while the band and background vocals keep her aloft. 

          The song Scares Me is next. It’s a confession of vulnerability and love in a classic Pop/R&B ballad style. She plays a vintage Wurlitzer electric piano from the 70’s and and vocally just lays it out on the table. Reminding us all that yes, new love and vulnerability can be scary. 

          Next is a cover of the Doobie Brothers song It Keeps You Running. Written by Michael McDonald. You may not recognize you’ve heard this song before, until she gets to the chorus. She took a bouncy 70’s pop song and turned it into a sexy, bump and grind, old school R&B ballad. 

     Relax Girl is the title track and it’s pure pop with a subtle nod on the piano to Lennon and McCartney. It’s a positive uplifting pep talk that launches into a jam on the bridge. 

       All the Time in the World is next and it’s a chill Latin with clever lyrics and a memorable hook. 

      Gentleman Friend is a pop ballad about one of those friends you might be thinking about in a different way but circumstances prevent anything from happening. 

      Ultimatum is the icing on the cake, a blend of EDM and Latin. I can picture hearing remixes of this one in the future. It’s a breakup song and that’s all I’m going to say. 

       This debut album shows not just her strength as a singer but her possibly greater strength as a songwriter. The production is crisp and bright and the band is excellent. 

    I’m looking forward to hearing more from Sioux Robbins. 




                   Born in Michigan and raised in NY, NJ and PA, Sioux Robbins is a singer songwriter. She started playing piano by ear as a young child, the fourth of five children in her family. Technically it started with her older brother showing her a simple boogie-woogie on the piano at four years old. But for her it really began when she discovered the intro to My Girl ran straight across the black keys. 

                                    She’s always loved the music of the 70’s. From Carole King, Paul Simon and Crosby Stills Nash and Young, to Santana, Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder, the Isely Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire to the Jazz Fusion of Return to Forever. She listened and taught herself along with jazz standards and classical music.  

                She spent her earlier days performing in jazz clubs and cocktail lounges in Philadelphia and Atlantic City, singing jazz standards, sometimes accompanying herself on piano.  

              Her dark contralto to silky soprano runs the gamut of Nina Simone, and Sade, to Roberta Flack and Anita Baker. Her music is born out of the classic writing styles of Carole King and Paul Simon while it pushes forward into the now of Solange and Janelle Monae.  

                “This record is from a grown-ass woman’s perspective, not a girls, with all the complexities and entanglements that brings. I wanted it to have those 70’s influences that I love and to also bring new, fresh energy to the writing and the arrangements. The messages are all from the heart.  

                          She believes it’s important to write from the perspective of a woman who’s been around the block a few times and isn’t trying to hide it. “I hope people who hear this music can relate to it. Most of us have complicated relationships and complicated emotions. I wanted it to feel familiar and I wanted this album to be a comfortable place to chill. It took a while to get here, but it’s the statement I wanted to make in the way I wanted to make it.”

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Original Portuguese: 

A beleza única de uma cantora como Sioux Robbins não pode ser comparada a nada que já tenhamos ouvido. 

Sua maravilhosa performance em Scares Me, deixa claro o tamanhos de sua personalidade e o quanto uma cantora sabe ser original com uma magnífica voz espalhando sua melodia através de um instrumental repleto de climas e muito bem executado para fazer justiça a uma estrela de brilho tão especial.

English Translation: The unique beauty of a singer like Sioux Robbins cannot be compared to anything we've ever heard. Her wonderful performance in Scares Me, makes clear the size of her personality and how much a singer knows how to be original with a magnificent voice spreading her melody through an instrumental full of moods and very well executed to do justice to such a special shining star. .

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